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Guess what's the most popular online purchases during lockdown.

Well, according to new data, Chocolate and Vodka!

There’s been an inevitable increase in online shopping as lots of shoppers are switching from traditional buying methods, mostly through necessity as people are self-isolating, but also because a lot of high street shops selling these items have not been allowed to open at all!

Now we’re all getting more savvy to ordering online, it appears that 40% of us are doing more online shopping – up from just 16% at the beginning of lockdown. Buying stuff we only ever bought in high street stores, another third of us are turning to ordering clothes, electricals and homewares together with some or all of our food and beverage needs.

A bit of new research has suggested that we will probably stick to these new shopping habits once the lockdown eases – another blow to the beleaguered high street. Not great news for the independent retailers who have been changing the way they do business in an attempt to stay afloat!

But it seems to be evident that the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown is going to have a lasting impact on all our shopping habits. Whilst many of us may have gone online to shop to alleviate boredom, a lot of us have enjoyed this new experience and it would seem we’re intending to continue to shop this way, even after the lockdown has ended. . .


When we started our little chocolate business back in 2015, we set out to build a business that could bring something different to chocolate lovers everywhere! Remember Woolworth’s Pick & Mix where there was literally every sweet and chocolate you could ever want, available to buy every day? Well, our mission was to offer UK shoppers a luxury version of this – an online chocolate shop with a great selection, where you could buy whatever flavours you like in any quantity.

The Chocolate Emporium Exclusive Pick and Mix Collection was launched and we continue to source and import some of your favourite chocolates from around the world from Lindt, Ghirardelli and Monty Bojangles, creating bags and bags of delicious personalised luxury chocolates and delivering to happy customers from all over the UK, every day!

We never expected that nearly 6 years down the line we would be dealing with such an unprecedented demand from a situation that forced people to stay at home.

We’re hugely grateful for your continued custom and support and intend to go on sourcing and importing all your favourite chocolate flavours long after this pandemic dies down; bringing you a little bit of chocolate happiness in the months ahead.

Continue to stay connected to the people you love and let them know you’re thinking about them. Sending something thoughtful, like a gift of chocolate, will brighten their day at any time of the year and we have something for everyone – guaranteed to bring a smile!

What’s in Store at The Chocolate Emporium

NEW Exclusive Lindt Summer Flavours

We have some sensational new Lindt Summer chocolate bars including Pink Grapefruit Dark Chocolate, an indulgent summer creation in dark chocolate, an Excellence Coconut White Chocolate bar and some fabulous new fruity Lindt Hello Chocolate sticks including Lime Splash, a solid white chocolate bar infused with a zesty taste of citrus lime and refreshing Mango Lassi Milk Chocolate.

We have also added some fabulously fruity additions to our Lindt chocolate bar ranges boasting flavours of Strawberry Cream White Chocolate, Blueberry Vanilla Milk chocolate and an exciting selection of white chocolate Stracciatella and EisCafe coffee ice cream White Chocolate bars.


Brand New Range of Alcohol Infused Truffles!

We're pleased to be able to bring you a brand new range of boozy chocolate truffles, which are infused with the flavour of your favourite tipple!

If you were a fan of the Irish Cream Lindt Lindor (now discontinued), you can now enjoy our Baileys Original Irish Cream chocolate truffles - a noble replacement! If, however, you prefer the smooth and elegant taste of a bourbon whiskey or a premium cognac, you can choose either our Jim Beam Whiskey milk truffle or the Courvoisier brandy dark chocolate truffle. If you might favour the taste of the 'black stuff' - try the Irish Guinness dark chocolate truffle. Click the link to get your favourite.


Whether you’re buying a gift for a chocoholic or just want to brighten someone’s day, these NEW chocolate flavours are guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face today.

The Chocolate Emporium| suppliers of the world's largest range of Lindt Lindor varieties all in one place!

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