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The History of Godiva chocolate


We at The Chocolate Emporium are extremely proud of the Godiva range of truffles that we source. They are delicious, luxury chocolates for many occasions with a selection of enticing, original flavours. Creme Brulee, Chocolate Lava Cake, Mint Choc Chip, Caramel Nut Brownie...there is a Godvia chocolate to suit your every mood. 

But where did these delicious, artisan chocolates first come from? The Chocolate Emporium enjoys the chance to give you some insight into the ranges of chocolates it stocks and so, if you will, take a trip down memory lane with us...

Information taken from the Godvia website - -http://www.godivachocolates.co.uk/on/demandware.store/Sites-GDV_GB-Site/en_GB/Home-Show

“I was born in chocolate…it has seduced me and I have dedicated myself all my life to this art. I have lived a wonderful dream.” Pierre Draps, 1919 - 2012

This is the true story of a craftsman chocolate maker, whose legendary name has become a symbol of luxury and prestige the world over. 


This sweet mixture of finely ground almonds or hazelnuts and caramelised sugar was first married with chocolate in Belgium, to create what’s now known worldwide as the classic Belgian Chocolate. In 1926, Pierre Draps Senior handcrafted praline chocolates, or pralines, in the workshop of his Brussels home and the smooth, creamy Godiva praline chocolate was born.

Work in Pierre’s at-home chocolate factory quickly became a family affair, with his wife and their four children helping to produce, finish, package and deliver these chocolate confectionery delights. 

Such decadent and irresistible chocolates deserved an evocative name, and the family decided that Godiva conjured the perfect image to represent their luxury chocolate brand. Inspired by the passion, boldness and generosity of Lady Godiva from the old English legend, the name Godiva is now synonymous with a luxurious chocolate experience and the Lady herself can be seen on Godiva chocolates, packaging and signage worldwide.

The Godiva legacy was passed to the young Draps Yvonne - who evolved the family business, born in a Brussels atelier, into the renowned chocolate brand that it is today. Joseph Draps moved the growing business out of the home workshop and opened the first Godiva boutique on Boulevard Leopold, Brussels. 

It soon became clear that it wasn’t just Belgian chocolate lovers that would appreciate these decadent Belgian chocolates, and the Godiva story spread across the globe. In 1966 Godiva travelled across the pond, hitting the shelves of Wanamaker’s, the finest department store in Philadelphia, before opening a brand new boutique on New York’s famous Fifth Avenue in 1972. 

In London, you’ll find several Godiva boutiques, including the grand flagship store on Regent Street and stores in Covent Garden Market, Canary Wharf and St Pancras Station. You’ll also find Godiva in three of London’s smartest department stores, Harrods, Selfridges and John Lewis. Selfridges Manchester ensures that Godiva has a Northern presence in the UK. 

Today, Godiva is available in more than 80 countries worldwide, but the values of this Belgian brand still remain true to the vision of Pierre Draps, his family and his father before him. Inspired by the passion, boldness and generosity of their namesake, the irresistible Godiva chocolate collection continues to delight and charm chocolate lovers everywhere. 

Godiva’s founder Pierre Draps created delicious chocolates until his very last days in 2012. Chef chocolatiers are proud to follow in his footsteps and keep the legacy of fine Belgian chocolates alive – and so the Godiva story continues…


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