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A new peanut butter chocolate to replace the discontinued Lindt Lindor!


We are a nation of peanut butter lovers. That creamy, buttery, sticky, crunchy delight that tastes as good on toast as it does in a chocolate bar. 

The Chocolate Emporium has been searching high and low for a new scrumptious peanut butter chocolate after the Lindt Lindor Peanut Butter variety was discontinued. We discovered Dan's in America, a socially responsible chocolatier with almost 20 years in the business. Founded in 1999 in Burlington, Vermont by Dan Cunningham it produces unique combinations of chocolate and names its products equally uniquely with names such as Peppy-r-mint, The Caffeinator and Orangadu.

Once we had tried their peanut butter ecstasy chocolate, we knew we had to import this to the UK for our customers to try. This smooth ball of loveliness has an intense kick of peanut butter, enough to satisfy the craving of peanut butter lovers everywhere. 

Also available in this new range is Caffeinator Coffee, Caramel River, Choc A Lot, Orangadu Dark Orange and Peppy-R-Mint Peppermint

Try this...because peanut butter makes everything peanut better! 

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