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Ghirardelli Minis

Welcome to the world of Ghirardelli Minis, an exciting new range of bite sized chocolates to suit many occasions. They are smaller than the regular Ghirardelli squares and available in delightful new flavours. Chocolate lovers will adore these individually wrapped treats, made with the finest of ingredients. Perfect for a snack, to fill a bowl for guests, to share amongst children at a party or simply as an after-dinner treat. These chocolates are individually wrapped in colourful foil and have the Ghirardelli logo stamped on each square.

The Chocolate Emporium is delighted to introduce the following flavours…simply click on the links to take you to the website 

Caramel - Perfect for sweet bowls, these bite sized Ghirardelli are filled with a luxurious golden caramel centre. One of the best caramel sweets you will ever try.

Dark Chocolate – This is a sweet and welcoming dark chocolate, perfect for those who usually find dark chocolate too bitter.

Almond Sea Salt – A wonderfully textured chocolate that surprises with its warm nuttiness and sharp salt flakes. A sweet and salty delight, beautifully balanced.

Toffee Crisp – A subtle toffee flavour, with crunchy biscuit pieces and a smooth milk chocolate. If you are a fan of toffee crisp chocolate bars, you will love these.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt & Caramel – A heavenly mix of dark chocolate, sea salt and caramel with all the flavours standing out to make this a complex chocolate experience.

Check out this delightful new range of chocolates brought to you by The Chocolate Emporium! 


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