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Chocolate - a gift that keeps on giving

Chocolate might just seem like an indulgent treat but nothing could be further from the truth. Here are some facts about chocolate that show that it really is a gift that keeps on giving, long after it has been consumed...

What science says about chocolate: it really is good for you! Chocolate lovers the world over have always argued that it is good for the soul but studies in Elsevier's scientific journals show that it is good for a lot of others things including our libido, pressure and coughs...and it may even prevent wrinkles! 

The aphrodisiac effects of chocolate are attributed to Phenylethylamine (reported to induce pleasurable sensations) and N-acylethanolamines, which increase sensitivity. 

Chocolate has many medicinal effects. The therapeutic effects of cacao, first originated with the Native Americans have been confirmed:

Chocolates flavanols help lower blood pressure.

Chocolates theobromine suppresses vagal activity responsible for coughing. 

Chocolates tanins are key substances that can relieve bleeding gums and improve breath odour. 

Magnesium found in chocolate corrects acidity and improves direction. 

The anti-ageing benefits of chocolate are beneficial to different brain functions. 

A study of Neuro-psychological tests assessing word discrimination, verbal memory, design memory, attention span, reaction time, problem solving and response variability showed that verbal and visual memory were significantly higher after milk chocolate consumption. 

Chocolate, in moderation, can be very good for you. 

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