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Why coffee and chocolate?

Have you ever wondered why we mix some of our favourite things together for even more incredible results? An estimated 55 million cups of coffee are drunk in the UK every day and approximately eight million people in this country eat chocolate every day. Both are a staple in our lives. What could possibly encourage people to combine the two and enjoy the results? 

Everything from the cafe Mocha, coffee and chocolate cake, Gateax l'Opera, pouring chocolate syrup in coffee and of course the many coffee flavoured chocolates there are around, it has become something of an obsession in recent years. 

It's easy to see why. Coffee stimulates and keeps the brain alert whilst chocolate reaches the pleasures centres, a double whammy of stimulus. And both flavours are quite delicious on their own and combined.

There are reported health benefits for both. Coffee can cut post-workout muscle pain, increase your fibre intake, lower risk of type-2 diabetes and reduce the risk of suicide and depression. And as previously reported on the blog, chocolate has many health benefits that include antioxidant potential, preventing cognitive decline, lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems. Obviously there is a factor of moderation involved, if you were to consume copious amounts of both there are damaging consequences. 

Lindt champions coffee and chocolate tasting as a master tasting exercise, emphasising smelling the chocolate to savouring the aroma and ensuring the coffee fills all of your mouth so you can detect the notes inside. Check out their website for the step by step guide, it is a delightful and indulgent sensory experience. 

The combinations of coffee and chocolate are endless. The Chocolate Emporium is launching a stunning new range from Lindt. The delicious Eis Cafe range which brings together beverage and treat deliciously. Moreish sticks of chocolate that perch perfectly onto saucers and compliments whatever coffee is your preference. The flavours are Latte Batons, Bastoncini Doppio Latte Batons and Eis Cafe Dessert Coffee Chocolates. These can all be found on the USA Lindt page. 

For one week only we are offering 15% off all coffee related products. Godiva Caffe Latte, Lindor Coffee, Lindor Cappuccino...simply add the promotion code CAFE15% to your order to enjoy these delicious chocolates at a discounted price. 

Celebrate the marriage of coffee and chocolate with The Chocolate Emporium this week! 

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