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Taste testing...Bizarre Bars!


There's nothing we like better at The Chocolate Emporium than getting together with friends and family to taste testing a new range of chocolate to sample how the general public might find the latest exciting additions to the catalogue. Enter...the Bizarre Bars! Perfect as Christmas stocking fillers, these novelty chocolate bars look and taste wonderful and bring together many unusual flavour combinations to create a memorable chocolate experience. 

Our participants...

Billy Hardwick, 27, university student and secret midnight nosher

Kate Pamplin, 27, care worker and addicted to duvet days with treats

Lucy Brooker, 38, administrator and baker extraordinaire

Sue Pamplin, of indeterminate age (she won't tell me), receptionist and expert dessert maker

And Joe Ford, 37, blogger and owning the ultimate sweet tooth

Campfire S'more

Billy - 'Very nice, very rich flavour' 

Joe - 'The marshmellow oozes from the centre like a white river!'

Candy Bag

Kate 'Very tasty, the popping candy really comes alive in your mouth' 

Lucy - 'I have a whole jelly bean in my piece!' 

Banoffee Bread

Joe - 'I'm not usually keen on banana, but this is quite subtle and not overpowering'


Kate - 'Quite balanced flavours, rather pleasant on the tongue' 

Lucy -'Generous piece of pretzel and a pleasing taste of nuts'

Joe - 'I love peanut butter but this isn't very strong, so those who aren't as keen can still enjoy this'


Kate - 'One for chilli fans only...'

Sue - 'Hot!' 

Billy - 'Like a time bomb, no burn at first and then an explosion!'

Lucy - 'My mouth was on fire!'

Apple Pie 

Lucy - 'Great taste of apple pie, it just needs the custard!'

Kate - 'That tastes just like apple pie, that's incredible'

Sue - 'A wintry taste, strong hints of cinnamon'

Billy - 'Christmas in my mouth'

Maple Roasted Hazelnut

Billy - 'Well balanced, all the flavours are equal and strong'

Kate - 'A really nutty texture'

Salted Caramel Brownie

Sue - 'A nice taste of light and dark chocolate, with a slight taste of salt'

Billy - 'It's very salty, but the brownie flavour is nice a strong'

Joe - 'A lovely balance, speaking as somebody who adores the mixture of salt and chocolate'


Billy - 'A delicious white chocolate taste'

Lucy - 'You can really taste the marshmallow'

Strawberry Lemonade

Sue - 'A fizzy, pretty chocolate bar' 

Billy - 'An amazing combination of lovely zingy flavour, but it isn't too powerful'

Kate - 'You can taste both flavours really well, but my piece could do with more popping candy'

Lucy - 'The popping candy takes effect afterwards, and the white chocolate is delicious'

Joe - 'The taste of summer in your mouth, a refreshing chocolate bar'

Maple Bacon 

Lucy ' 'Nice taste of maple! The bacon isn't overpowering. I really enjoyed that!' 

Billy - 'A strong, sweet maple flavour'

Kate - 'Probably my favourite; a lovely mouthful of maple' 

Joe - 'One of my favourite breakfasts in a chocolate bar!' 

Bubblegum Sundae

Kate - 'Bubblegum isn't my favourite flavour, but it's definitely strong'

Joe - 'Dessert city! This takes me back to the screwball eighties'

Billy - 'The perfect combination of rich white chocolate and a complimentary bubblegum flavour'

Cheese and Cracker 

Billy - 'Surprisingly nice, with warmth and a normal chocolate with an interesting flavour'

Kate - 'It smells like cheese but doesn't taste too cheesy. I'm quite surprised how much I liked it'

Sue - 'An aftertaste of cheese in chocolate - who would have thought that would have worked?


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