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The Chocolate Emporium introduces...taste sensation creations!

A delicious new range of dessert themed chocolate bars from Lindt to suit your every mood... Indulge yourself with Lindt Creation, crafted by the Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers. Sumptuous soft centred blocks of luxury chocolate surrounded by multiple textures and flavours and dressed in the finest Lindt dark and milk chocolate. 

If nuts are your preference, try the delicious Pistachio Delight bar. Fine dark chocolate filled with a pistachio flavoured filling and textured, crunchy almond pieces. Conveying an intense, chocolate and nut experience. 

For fruit lovers there is the enchanting Raspberry Dream dark chocolate bar. A melting heart of dark chocolate ganache infused with an enchanting raspberry flavour and cloaked in dark chocolate. 

Biscuit fans will fall in love with the Vanilla Macaron bar, extra fine milk chocolate filled with a vanilla ganache and pieces of biscuit and meringue. A truly textured, indulgent treat. 

If you enjoy a piece of cake, choose the Creation Chocolate Cake milk chocolate bar. A delicious recipe of a fine dark chocolate truffle and a melting heart wrapped in smooth milk chocolate. A chocolate dessert in chocolate bar form, the best of both worlds. 

For a lighter dessert but no less delicious, reach for the Creation Creme Brulee milk chocolate bar.  A caramelised, crisp sugar crust and underneath a wonderful, creamy custard – discover how Lindt Master Chocolatiers have reinvented this internationally appreciated dessert.

And for those who enjoy the zing of citrus, the Lemon milk chocolate bar will hit the spot. Creamy lemon ganache filling wrapped in smooth milk chocolate, this delivers a delectable taste sensation. 

The range of Creation bars can be found here...explore creation and let your taste buds dance! 



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