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The Chocolate Emporium introduces...Excellence!

We scour the globe for the finest chocolate for our customers but recently we have been looking at the ranges we already have and expanding them. Lindt is a massively popular range for The Chocolate Emporium and we are delighted to announce the availability of the mouth-watering Excellence bars, that come in flavours to cater for your every desire...

Whether you fancy sharing a bar with family and friends or having an indulgent night all to yourself, these bars are made with delicious Swiss chocolate and loaded with memorable flavours. Many of the recipes that have been posted on the Facebook page have featured Excellence bars. They are a luxury item to create desserts with. 

70% Cocoa - A full bodied dark chocolate containing 70% cocao, this is a strong bar but not too intense. A dark chocolate bar to dip your toes in with. Accompanied with fruit and floral undertones, with hints of natural vanilla. 

85% Cocoa - If you enjoy a frothy coffee, this is the perfect accompaniment. This is an intensely flavoured fine dark chocolate, not bitter or overpowering. Take a smell, the aroma includes dried fruit and licorice. A full flavoured chocolate.   

90% Cocoa - For those with a sophisticated chocolate pallete, this luxurious and velvety bar delivers and intense burst of chocolate. For those who are serious about chocolate. 

Orange Intense - An unforgettable taste sensation, this is a chocolate bar that is packed full of sunshine. Soft and delicate orange pieces and crunchy toasted almond slithers for added texture enveloped in intense dark chocolate create an unforgettable taste sensation. Zesty! 

A Touch of Sea Salt - Silky dark chocolate, complimented with a touch of fine crystals of hand harvested sea salt from France. A dramatic combination, the sea salt enhancing the flavour and the sweetness of the cocoa. 

Caramel with a touch of Sea Salt - For those of you with a sweet tooth, this is the bar for you. A divine recipe combination of the finest dark chocolate, sweet crunchy caramel pieces and just a touch of fine sea salt crystals. Let this one melt on your tongue and enjoy the complementary flavours. 

Chilli - Aromatic, intense and unique, this is a dark chocolate bar that has been delivered with a hint of exquisite chilli. Perfect with a strong, luxury coffee to bring out the subtle spiciness. 

Raspberry Intense - Mix together the finest silky dark chocolate and the intense flavour from pieces of real raspberry and you have a perfect, luxurious chocolate bar for every day. 

Roasted Hazelnut - Imagine the crunchy roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont enveloped in velvety dark chocolate...a refined taste to lose yourself in.

Coconut Intense - An exotic recipe of the finest dark chocolate with caramelised flakes of coconut for a luxurious taste experience that will transport you to paradise with one bite. 

Lime - Luxurious and zesty, soft  and delicate lime zest shakes hands with dark chocolate in an mouth watering taste sensation. 

Touch of Vanilla - A delicious and delicate flavour that will tickle your taste buds, this bar combines luxuriously smooth white chocolate with real vanilla pods. This sublime white chocolate is infused with Madagascan vanilla delivering unrivalled flavour intensity. 

Visit the web page for more information and your chance to add a little excellence to your life...

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